weird, right?

30 Aug

Almost 99% of fetuses with Turner’s Syndrome (females with only one X chromosome) spontaneously abort in the first trimester, in fact, Turner’s is one of the most frequent chromosome aberrations found in early spontaneous abortions.  Yet, especially when compared with other chromosome abnormalities, the effects of Turner’s are fairly mild.

Also, the fact that imprinting is, in fact, a thing and not just something made up by the Twilight saga…weird.  That the human body can somehow sense which somatic genes come from which parent, and that a microdeletion in the one inherited from the father rather than the mother would have such drastically different effects (Prader-Willi vs. Angelman), is totally freaky/fascinating.

And I, at the ripe old age of 26 (who am I kidding, I’ll be 27 in December–that’s practically late twenties!  please note sarcasm), am over 25% more likely to be carrying around eggs with chromosome abnormalities than I was just five years ago.  Jesus.


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