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honeymoon, act iv

31 Aug

We spent the last night of our honeymoon in a tree…well, suspended between four of them.

The view from the hot tub, overlooking Mt. Abraham:

The dreamers who created this paradise (and us):

H and Ellie’s treehouse in Lincoln, VT is worth not just a detour, but a journey.  John and I essentially organized our honeymoon so that we could make sure we could spend at least one night at the treehouse–it books up quickly–and it exceeded our wildest expectations.

H and Ellie (with the help of one or both of their sons) built this treehouse over the course of three summers with their own hands.  Every single nook and cranny was made with thought and care–I know I sound so crunchy, but I’m not sure I’ve ever slept somewhere that had such a tranquil spirit about it.  If I ever feel like I need to rediscover peace, the treehouse is the first place I would think to visit.

And H and Ellie are simply lovely, an incredibly warm and generous couple.  They were so considerate, giving John and I every opportunity to enjoy a little time just the two of us, but we enjoyed our conversations with them so much; if they had let me, I could have talked with them all day, and then again the next.  And they didn’t let us on the road without a hearty breakfast, with everything from Vermont–cider, coffee, orange juice, honey, granola, jam, maple syrup, pastries, eggs, raspberries and blueberries (John and my absolute favorite fruits…how did they know?!).  It was so hard to leave!  And now I would love to go back during every season!

On our way south to the Ya-ya beach week, we came across a detour in the road, and we needed to take a ferry boat across a river.  When John asked the cost of a ticket, the officer just blinked, “Well, of course it’s free.”  John’s eyes lit up, and he excitedly turned to me, “FREE?!  SHHHOOOOOOT, I’d cross the river for the f— of it!”  My husband, what a cutie:

And so endeth the honeymoon, well worth the wait.