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happy birthday ella flora!

23 Aug

Welcome to the world!!!  You are the lucky daughter of Lauren and Alon, two of the most special people I know.  They’re both kind, funny, smart, and beautiful, and you, of course, get all that good stuff from them…well, I can really only speak to the beautiful part, but you’re on the right track!  Seriously, kid, you have it made.  You’re going to grow up speaking Hebrew and English and Spanish, travelling far and wide, getting doted on by some seriously awesome uncles (oh Uncle Ben!), aunts, and grandparents, eating some flippin’ good hummus and brownies, going on rockin’ adventures from Mt. Washington to Petra.  You’ll have an appreciation for art, language, literature, religion, engineering, business, entrepreneurship, and whatever else Alon is up to.  You will be so loved by so many, including the myriad of your parents’ friends, far and wide.

John and I cannot wait to meet you on October 2nd, when we get to celebrate you with your family–you simply could not have picked a better one.  Until then, so much love!