impromptu sleepover

27 Aug

I am questioning my ability to live by myself.  Last night, I went for a run and took my apartment keys off my main key ring to take them with me.  This morning I left with my key ring, but not my keys.  I realized just after I shut the door and thought I wanted to go back in to check to make sure I turned the stove off, as I compulsively do.  I hope I don’t burn the building down.

So now I’m sleeping at Doria’s until my landlord can let me in tomorrow.  I am grateful for new friends who are willing to put a roof over my head.  Wish I had my PJs, that would make this sleepover perfect, all curled up with histology and metabolism notes.

And tomorrow, keys for everyone!  I am making like ten copies.  The ironic part is that I was just about to exchange keys with Gwyneth in the apartment upstairs, whose cats I’m sitting for over the weekend, but she was running off when she dropped off her keys with me last night and was afraid that they might get lost.

Honeymoon, acts two-four coming soon.  Happy Friday!


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