my commute

26 Aug


I have a sneaky suspicion that med school is going to start to get a lot more painful.  I know you’ve heard it before, but I really appreciate the twenty-minute commute on either end of my day to clear my head and enjoy my new city, though I’m sure that too will get a lot less pleasant as it gets colder.

I stopped over at The Nook to do the genetics problem set with Doria (LOVE my fellow Goucher girls, Mallorie and Doria!) before heading home to wait for the gas company…which is what I’m doing now.

PGW, if you’re reading, please come and turn the gas back on!

Fellow MS1s, any generous soul want to explain to me how to use the UCSC genome browser?  I am a technophobe, and I would love to figure out whether these copy number polymorphisms are a big deal :/  Would be so grateful.


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