new study spot

24 Aug

The Chapterhouse.

Good coffee.  Great baristas (all of whom  multiple tattoos and/or piercings).  Modern, airy atmosphere.  Free wi-fi.  Open until 10pm.  Less than three blocks from my place.

I don’t have internet yet chez moi, so I was at the Chapterhouse the last time I video-chatted with the husband.  Ten minutes into our conversation, John informed me that the woman behind me was laughing at us.  She thought the man on my screen was naked.  Truth be told, he very easily could have been, sitting at his desk in our bedroom in Jamaica Plain.  More likely, justs shorts were sufficient in the un-air conditioned flat…but it’s always good to keep them guessing.

I’m tuckered out.  I missed last grounds at the Chapterhouse.


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    […] I settled back into a corner of Chapterhouse, stack of cell bio notes in hand, I almost teared up twice out of withdrawal from all the good […]

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