a few lasts, for now

10 May

It’s hard to imagine that we will move out of our sweet duplex in less than three weeks.  It has been our home for nearly four years, the home to which we brought our newborn daughters on their second day of life.  We love Philadelphia and its suburbs.  We love the friends and neighbors and mentors we have here.  This move, though entirely what we want, is bittersweet.

On Thursday, John and I went on our last date in Philly (while living here, at least).  We chose outside seating at Audrey Claire.  When in Philadelphia, enjoy your own wine at a small cash-only BYOB.  We brought a Nebbiolo from Barboursville, where we got married.  Then we had the bartender’s choice at the Ranstead Room, a dimly lit speakeasy tucked away behind another restaurant.  The weather was perfect.  I wore a black dress and make-up.  We held hands without being encumbered (though happily so) by strollers, carriers, and diaper bags.

outside-seatingFullSizeRender (77) FullSizeRender (78) FullSizeRender (79)

Yesterday we took advantage of our Longwood Gardens membership for the last time before becoming Virginians (does one ever stop being a Virginian?).  I personally have a lot more fun being a parent in the Spring (when I can just get us all outside and keep us there), so I’m pretty psyched to be moving to a place where Spring starts a little sooner.  The draped Wisteria was so inviting, but lately I’ve been, stereotypically, drawn to the friendly shade of the Virginia Dogwood (ugh, I know, saccharine!).

FullSizeRender (80)

Check out that catfish mouth staring back at Ari!FullSizeRender (81) FullSizeRender (82) FullSizeRender (83)FullSizeRender (65)FullSizeRender (67)FullSizeRender (68)FullSizeRender (69)FullSizeRender (70)FullSizeRender (72)IMG_4620

Physically worn out, well fed, and caked with all sorts of mulch, leaves, bananas, and mac and cheese…still singing about head and shoulders and magical eggs:FullSizeRender (73)FullSizeRender (74)


3 Responses to “a few lasts, for now”

  1. sblindgren May 10, 2015 at 9:03 am #

    We are going to miss this wonderful family!! Alot —

  2. pagingdrallie May 14, 2015 at 7:42 pm #

    I have been reading your blog for several years now, and I am so happy for you and your family! I hope you continue to blog during residency; it’s been so nice to read about someone else who is also a mom in med school. Cheers!

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