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i’m a doctor

18 May


I graduated from medical school this past Saturday–surreal, to say the very least ūüôā

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To be honest, I was a bit of a nervous wreck during the ceremony…not that I would trip or, for some reason, not receive my diploma, but that my poor kids wouldn’t make it through the 2+-hour ceremony. ¬†Ugh, they were troopers, as were John and my brother Stephan who were tasked with entertaining them.

And then there’s a tradition of one’s kids joining her on stage for the “hooding” and receiving of the diploma (which I love!). ¬†Considering¬†there are days I¬†struggle with the walk from our house to the car with both of them, I was seriously doubting our ability to make it across the stage…especially when there are so many strangers in big black robes and scary hats along the way.

Ari and Evie rose to the occasion. ¬†John and Steph brought them to me in line as I was waiting for my name to be called, and Evie had a little panic attack as John passed her off. ¬†She didn’t recognize me in¬†my cap and gown–heartbreaking! ¬†Then Ari started excitedly clapping along with the audience for the new physicians standing in front of me, and I smiled and joined along…something about that expression reassured Evie, and she gently caressed my face to make sure it was really mine.

“Dr. Anna Jesus.” ¬†And we were off, Evie in my arms and Ari holding my left hand. ¬†When we got to Dr. Goldfarb, I realized I didn’t have a hand to take my diploma. ¬†Without pause, he bent down and spoke to Ari, “Would you mind holding this for your mommy?” ¬†And she replied, “Okay, I take it.” ¬†My brother got it on film:

ari taking diplomaIMG_9547IMG_9548

How proud Ari looks–I love it!

My family and friends have been such a huge part of my med school experience, I’m so thankful to have been able to celebrate with some of them at graduation. ¬†The only downside to having the kids there was that it was nearly impossible to get a chance to say hi and thanks and hug and unfortunately goodbye to many loved ones. ¬†I hope it was/is abundantly obvious how much I appreciated everyone there, in body or spirit.

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How is this possible? ¬†Almost exactly nine years ago I decided I wanted to be a doctor. ¬†Even Saturday morning, I don’t think I fully believed that it would happen. ¬†I’m a doctor. ¬†(And no more letters addressed to Dr. & Mrs.–ha!)