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29 Jan

Interviews are over.  CS is *hopefully* behind me.  And now I’m chipping away at papers left to be completed, but also soaking in my time with the girls.  What’s the saying?  The days are long but the years are short?  Trite and true.  Suddenly it’s almost February and Evie is 8+ months old (and I still haven’t lost the last of the baby weight–ugh!).  While I am so excited/anxious for the Match, I know it will be here in a blink, and then residency.

I feel like we’re trying to strike that balance between doing kind of interesting (a snow day trip to the Outside In exhibition), even outlandish (we’re taking the kids to France in a little over three weeks to see my family there!!) adventures, with the seemingly mundane but made slightly magical by the presence of fun-sized humans (a evening walk).  I intended to write a separate post for each of these picture sets but, well, the days blew by.  No other excuse.

The Academy of Natural Sciences (my daughter had no trouble petting a rat, but terrified of small turtles):

1501255_10101928875040766_6916034395343513458_o 10924675_10101928875035776_6736877068570698259_o 10923704_10101928875030786_3797272351077849675_oIMG_7683 IMG_7684 IMG_7686

(and, yes, those are coffee stains…:/)

Girl after my own heart, willing summer to happen by insisting on wearing her beloved fedora and the thinnest excuse for a jacket imaginable:


Forts!!!  (Cannot seem to get my girls smiling in the same picture.)

IMG_7694 IMG_7696 IMG_7700

One-eye; she reminds me of this dog from Lady and the Tramp:

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