belly button specificity

30 Sep

We’re in Charlottesville!  On Friday we packed up the family and moved down to Virginia for four weeks so that I could do an away rotation at UVA in ambulatory peds.  We are thrilled to be here, but the process of getting down here was brutal, made worse by the fact that Ari was febrile for most of the weekend and I wasn’t feeling so hot myself.  But we are all on the mend and settling in.

We rented a lovely cottage-like old home not too too far from the hospital.  John is taking two weeks of vacation (though he is working hard to tie up [or tie together] a number of research projects and academic obligations), followed by a week of CME (continuing medical education) so we can be together.  The last week down here with the girls will be a bit of a scramble, but I have an overly generous friend swooping in to help out!

Day one pediatric primary care pearl: If a small child comes in complaining of a belly ache, when asked about the location, he will almost always point directly to his belly button.  As the stated location becomes further and further from the belly button, there is increased likelihood that there is true underlying pathology.

And regarding my heart: I am, now as always, so grateful for a loving husband who is an awesome father, two daughters somewhat willing to take things in stride and make adjustments, and nurturing, thoughtful, and trust-worthy childcare.  Particularly with Charlottesville making national news recently, I have been having anxiety about leaving my girls with new caretakers, neither of whom I had met prior to this Sunday.  I don’t think my kids could be in better, more loving hands.  (If anyone is looking for childcare in the Charlottesville area, let me know, I have some recommendations!)  Knowing that they are safe and happy has allowed me to focus on my education and take full advantage of the privilege it is to be here.

It helps that the caretakers aren’t shy about snapping pictures:



IMG_7987 imagejpeg_0 (4) imagejpeg_0 (5) imagejpeg_0 (7)   IMG_8205 IMG_8211


5 Responses to “belly button specificity”

  1. ewichern October 1, 2014 at 12:46 am #

    Your kids are adorable!

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