mother’s kiss

16 Jun

mother's kiss

Aurelia’s NYC cousins gave her a board book of the Met ABCs–“A” for “apple,” “B” “boat” with works of art depicting the word.  For the letter “K,” we see a photograph of Mary Cassatt’s “Mother’s Kiss.”  Normally we get to that page, and I abruptly wrap my arms around her and squeal “KISSES” and smother her cheeks!  But for the last week, when Ari’s turned to this page, she points to the woman and exuberantly exclaims “MA-MA!!!”  I love this girl!


2 Responses to “mother’s kiss”

  1. Danielle June 17, 2014 at 8:50 pm #

    I happened upon your blog after reading your “Pregnant in Medical School” article in the NY Times, and I just wanted to let you know how delightful I think you are and what a huge support your blog has been. I, too, am now “pregnant in medical school” (as a 2nd year); I am also a non-traditional student back at school 4 years out of undergrad, and my husband is 2 years older than me. I wasn’t faced with the difficult potential infertility issues like you were, but my husband and I did feel very ready to start a family and daunted at when we could possibly squeeze in kids in the next several years. So, we just decided to go for it (no time is a perfect time in this career, right?). And I know some people will think I’m crazy, but we are beyond excited. And your blog has given me a lot of hope. You don’t make it seem easy, but you do make it seem very, very possible. Your writing is down to earth, funny, and so identifiable. So I just wanted to thank you for devoting the time to it and making another pregnant med student feel just a little bit better about what’s in store 🙂

    • annaojesus July 2, 2014 at 3:24 pm #

      Hi Danielle,

      Thank you so much for your kind note. Seriously, I’m in the middle of putting my residency application together and this was exactly the encouragement I needed! I apologize for the delay in response–for some reason, I’ve stopped getting notifications about comments :/ (I’m a technophobe).

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you feeling? I agree, I think it’s difficult to find a “perfect” time and, honestly, if I could go back and do it again, I definitely would, with or without infertility issues on board. It’s taken some adjusting, but I think things are working out okay. It’s helped that I took an extra year, but I’ve met several mothers who didn’t and still found parenthood manageable. Sometimes I get sad about the time I’ll miss with my girls when I’m a resident, but Ari won’t even be six when I finish…I’ll still have lots of childhood left, and I’m sure (I hope) we’ll still have some great memories in residency as well.

      I’m very touched that you like my writing…right now it’s often done while breastfeeding, so “down-to-earth” is great 🙂 In terms of feeling better about what’s in store, if you have time, scroll down to the final indented text here: Encouraging words from a surgeon!

      Best of luck to you and your family, and thank you again!!


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