women’s heath conference

10 Apr

This weekend I had the privilege of presenting a poster at the Women’s Health Conference  (hosted by the Journal of Women’s Health) in D.C.  It’s pretty energizing to be surrounded by thousands of academics, listening to passionate talks by experts in their respective fields, and getting to share your own research to the mix.  As I struggled to throw the poster together last week, I became simply in awe of all my classmates, so dedicated to research and discovery, for whom this is all old hat!


The weekend was made invariably happier because John and Ari were available to join me, and we squeezed in the good times.  Initially, we had hoped to take a little babymoon, kind of sneak away for a night in a hotel or something; we didn’t get our act together, and changing work schedules make planning challenging.  After bedtime hours, I broke out for a few hours with some in-town yayas.  (You’ll never imagine the look of shock and judgment I got from the waiter when I ordered a drink [that I didn’t even finish, btw] at 8+ months pregnant.)

photo (1)


And John and I did get a date.  Tapas and froyo in Clarendon, followed by a walk (well, woddle really) around the Jefferson Memorial amid the cherry blossoms.  It was our last trip before number two!



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