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and…done, until late august

26 Apr

Oh wow!  Hello again!

Today officially begins my maternity leave.  I’m due in just a little over two weeks.  Last pregnancy at this time, I was chugging raspberry leaf tea and trusting the power of evening primrose oil to get things rolling, convinced that I would need to be induced at 41+ weeks.  This time, I’m kind of hoping she stays put for another two weeks.  Not that I cannot wait to meet her, but I am under no delusion that I will be successful in getting anything done in the months following her birth.

As a feeble excuse for my absence recently (my husband’s even been giving me grief), I’ve just been tired.  I can’t complain about pregnancy, because it’s been lovely, but I’ve reached the point where I just don’t do more than bare minimum.  I show up for my shifts, try to go full throttle while there, take the train home, spend some time with the family while inevitably shoving some semblance of food into my mouth, put Aurelia to bed, and crash not long after, often waking around 2:15am for second dinner/first breakfast.  I think I’ve been a somewhat decent mother and med student (though my daughter so obviously prefers daddy, it’s no longer comical but disheartening), but a pretty poor wife, daughter, sister, friend, and blogger.  Hoping to reconnect a bit in the next couple weeks.

And then of course soaking in as many snuggles with this sweet one (thank you, Ellen!!!):

10001138_10101187564358307_4138000770357574278_o (1)

Poor thing is not going to know what hit her when the sister arrives.  I sort of think she always has an inkling.

She’s not the most verbal 18-month-old, but she’s started to imitate the way we coyly coo, “I LOVE YOU!”  It comes out as vowels, “AH!  OH!  OOOO!”  But it’s pretty damn cute, and I’ll take it with her kisses that are more like nibbles.