match day 2014

24 Mar

photo (93)

So proud of these ladies and others in the class of 2014 for matching into residency!!!

I remember John’s match six years ago almost to the day, when we found out that we would be moving to Boston and, I have to admit, I got a little anxious about my own match a year from now.  Part of the beautiful thing about this year’s match for the Penn class is that, if it didn’t put longtime long-distance relationships back in the same city again, it at least mostly got loved ones closer together (like, the same coast).  A number of friends engaged to be married to partners many miles away now have official job offers in their partners’ respective cities, for example.  

John and I have done the long distance thing before, for a total of three years apart.  It sucks.  One thing he told me when I was pregnant with Ari was, “Oh, God, it just occurred to me: we can’t ever leave each other now!”  After I questioned him about his motives for wanting to jump ship, he rephrased: “I mean, we can’t do long distance with children in the mix.”  Of course, many parents do and make it work.  But John just left for a week-long trip to Alaska and my heart is noticeably a little less upbeat.  The idea of moving away from him again makes me feel pretty sick.

With a little strategy and a lot of luck, hopefully the odds will be in our favor in a year.  For now, congratulations to the remarkable, hugely inspirational (the emotion of match day allows me to use the sappy, perhaps a little trite-but-no-less-true adjectives) class of 2014!!  You deserve it all!!  It is a privilege to have been part of your class for the majority of my med school career.  xo



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