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the nicu

11 Mar

I’m in the neonatal intensive care unit this month.  It’s a foreign nation and language.  With TFLs, TPNs, and HFOVs.  Our patients are of ELBW and suffer from BPD and AOP, with notable A&Bs.  I can’t really tell you what all that means.  But it’s for this reason that the rotation comes highly recommended by pediatric residents–gives some exposure to this world before being thrown in with more responsibility as a resident.

It’s totally surreal caring for sweet infants who were conceived more recently than our little nugget still in utero.  (I got some good advice to wait to do this rotation until several weeks after viability.)  For the most part, these peanuts are going to be fine.  One of the patients I’m following is now a couple days old, but was originally due weeks after our girl.  The parents were at the bedside today, the mother fighting back tears.  My incredibly lovely (and hilarious and thoughtful) attending approached her.  “So many hormone fluctuations and lack of sleep!  Of course you need to cry!  But look at how strong your girl is.  We’ll give her some light [phototherapy] and we’ll let her grow, and then we’ll send her home with you, and you’re both going to be fine.”

Speaking of growing strong:

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