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baby names

2 Jan

Supposedly, we’ll have another baby GIRL in four months and change!

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Our anatomy scan last week went well–heart, kidneys, spine, brain, diaphragm, limbs, etc. all look healthy and appropriately sized.  But little Miss Modest kept her legs crossed.  The fellow resolved, “Well, I don’t see a penis.”  So we could still be surprised on b-day.

Everyone and his mother predicted that I was having a boy (then again, everyone also thought that Aurelia was a boy).  We had a boy name in mind but a girl name is still very much up for debate.

So far, my favorite suggestions have come from my friend, the Shakespeare scholar…in case you’re in need of some Elizabethan allusions:

Imogen (or Innogen, they are the same character, she’s pretty cool), Rosalind, Celia, Audrey, Phoebe, Nerissa, Portia (i think the character is a brat, but nothing bad happens to her, and she’s smart), Viola (my fav Shakespeare heroine!), Bianca (another brat, but, you know, doesn’t wind up poisoned or anything), Cressida (okay, okay, she gets sold to the greeks…but she handles it well!), Miranda, Marina (she’s pretty solid), Hermione (cool woman, crappy husband), Perdita, Eleanor (of Aquitaine), Beatrice, Titania, Hermia, Helena, Diana

My favorites of this list are Imogen (though John is frankly appalled by this preference), Rosalind, Portia, Viola (also my fav Shakespeare heroine–talk about badass!), and Miranda.

We’ve also been looking at family trees and found such gems as Sorlin and Fidelia (more than one Fidelia) on my side.  (Guy names included Lazareth and Ephraim.)