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light in august

29 Aug

I’m a UVA grad, so I have to have a soft spot for Professor William Faulkner.  (In Sanctuary, he writes that at the university in Virginia, he “learned to drink like a gentleman”–wahoo-wah!)  But it’s been years since he’s been brought up in conversations.  Last week, Kristen was visiting.  She’s a high school English teacher who thinks often and long about the impact of certain texts on her students.  It just felt like a little extra literature and culture was infused in everything we did, from strolling Olde City, to trudging through the local arboretum.

Faulkner was all set to publish the book Twilight, the title of which I believe he had also considered for what is The Sound and the Fury.  (Apparently, that time of day fascinated Faulkner, as it was a moment of tension as light slips into darkness.)  But one evening, he was sitting on the porch with his beloved Estelle, and she said casually, “Don’t you just love the light in August?”  Stop the presses.

I thought about this supposed interaction several times in the last week, as the sticky purple August evenings hang over us.  I think we’ve gotten to appreciate this month so much more than most years, as taking a break from school and having an infant slows down the pace of things.

I’m a part-time student of bioethics this semester, and my first class is tonight.  John caught himself ask me, “So, am I babysitting–uh!  Parenting?”  My love, my considerate as hell, progressive partner…we’re fighting the slowly changing societal norms.

Pictures from the last week:

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