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sneak peak

12 Aug

Since John and I started our family, we knew we wanted to rope Julie, our incredibly talented and kind wedding photographer, into helping us document it when possible/feasible/practical.  I didn’t entirely anticipate it, but I developed a cherished friendship with both Julie and Meg (who was kind enough to photograph a boudoir session when we lived in Boston).  I think the best photographers must also have the best EQs; they know people, and they are somehow able to capture their essence on camera.

Earlier this summer, John lamented that we only had a few pictures of the three of us.  And so we finally got on it, and we were very lucky that Julie was available to squeeze us in for a family photo shoot a week ago while we were in Virginia.  We are eager to share more soon, but for now, a shot that makes my heart melt:


And a few taken on my phone with the legend herself:

photo (46) photo (47) photo (44)