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all the weird things

13 Jun

Currently memorizing:

  • Amok: sudden, unprovoked outbursts of violence of which the person has no recollection; person often commits suicide afterwards (Malaysia).
  • Brain fag: headache, fatigue, and visual disturbances in male students (Africa).
  • Dhat: anxiety regarding the discharge of semen (India).
  • Taijin-kyofusho: belief that one’s body is offensive to others (Japan).
  • Koro: sudden (as opposed to insidious?) anxiety that the penis (or vulva) will recede into the body and cause death (Malaysia).  NOT to be confused with Kuru, the prion disease of Papua New Guinea transmitted via cannibalism.

Believe it or not, these are some of things I’ll be tested on tomorrow for my LAST SHELF EXAM!  I cannot believe I’m less than 26 hours away from being done with my psychiatry rotation and my core clerkships.

More bizarre is that this is my first full night away from Ari since she was born.  I wonder if this will be the best night sleep ever or if I’m now programmed to wake up at around 2am.  Hoping for a delusion-free night.

Ari is currently in Virginia with her father for Rachel’s graduation from high school!  I cannot believe that the third grader I met when John and I started dating is going to be in college in a couple months.  SO proud of my sister-in-law!