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never gets old

30 Apr

Today was easier than yesterday in that my patients were less critical.  One teenager with ADHD suffered from hypersomnolence…hadn’t seen that one before.

But the day was long and the ending was a rather rough awakening.  We had a review session with the director of the neurology clerkship, an adorably, brilliant, slightly eccentric woman who reminds me fiercely of Professor McGonagall.  (To present a small sliver of her personality, she always keeps a huge bowl filled with chocolate candies in her office and, with it, displays a graph showing the correlation between chocolate consumption per capita per country and the number of nobel prizes won by country.  She apparently always buys her candy from the same place, and always many, many bags at a time.  As they rung her up recently, looking at her skeptically, it occurred to her, “They must think I’m crazy.”  Adorable.)  Considering that most (all?) nights I come home, hang with my daughter, eat dinner with our family, put her to bed, then pass out before I’ve gotten through one clinical vignette, I shouldn’t be surprised by how poorly prepared I am.

The brain.  It’s pretty vital.  I should learn more about it.

Feeling defeated, I got on the train, which smelled like cigarettes, to go home.  John texted me asking for an ETA since I was cutting it close to dinner time.  I gave him a better estimate when my second train departed.  Only after I handed the driver my transfer ticket and stumbled off the train did I see them waiting for me on the platform.

I’m sure you’re bored with all the recent baby pictures and videos, but try to make it to second 19.  Best homecoming!