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week away

9 Apr


We did it!  We made it to Israel with minimal drama.  So far, the Dulles, Charles de Gaulle, and Ben Gurion international airports, Old Jaffa, and lobby of Lauren and Alon’s apartment in Tel Aviv were big Ari hits–SO many bright lights and interesting sounds!

IMG_3208 IMG_3210 IMG_3213 IMG_3215IMG_3217

By the end, I was sporting some multi-colored vomit (Ari discovered fruit-flavored yogurt pre-trip) and John was rocking the poop stains (someone might of pooped herself right at the beginning of the descent).  We were all a little annoyed at the woman next to us who would abandon her child to stretch out and sleep a few rows back, and we were in awe at some of the families we saw traveling with 7+ kids under 10.

If you’re planning international travel with an infant, we’re big fans of visiting friends who have children and, therefore, gear!  (Lauren and Alon’s tremendous patience and sense of humor help too!)  It was a wonderful, wonderful thing to not have to worry about sleeping accommodations or strollers–hell, they even rented me a breast pump from the hospital!  Now that’s friendship!