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tradition, triple washed and precut

29 Dec

One of my attendings during my pediatrics rotation sent me a congratulatory email shortly after the birth of Aurelia in which she stated, “Now you have to get used to ‘no guilt allowed.'”  I took that to mean that I should try not to feel ashamed if it was suddenly 2pm and I hadn’t managed to wash my face yet (to wash my face before noon, now that was a great accomplishment).  I stopped thinking twice before spending the extra 29 cents for precut vegetables at Trader Joe’s if it meant one less step on the way to a healthy meal.  (During clerkships, home-cooked meals most weeks felt like a choice: a decent dinner or an extra half hour of studying.  During my first six weeks of parenthood, setting my wailing infant down for a few minutes only for her to cry louder did not always feel like a choice.  Thank God the woman in the duplex next to ours spends most nights at her boyfriend’s.)  Any and all shortcuts are welcome in this household.

I like crafts.  And when I think back on holidays as a child, it’s the homemade stuff that made the magic.  Part of me wanted to make a first ornament and a stocking for my firstborn, but the better part of me wanted that time to actually spend with the babe, her father and her visitors, or to spend that time sleeping.  So without guilt I turned to some of the craftspeople on Etsy.

Jacki of City Details made the most beautiful, simple ornament in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

tidings 4

Since John and I had our first tree together in 2005, we’ve gotten a new ornament each year.  Jump back to 2005 (whoa):

j&a first christmas

And we thought it might be time to retire the 99-cent felt stockings, names written in puffy paints, we once bought at Kmart.  In lieu of putting my surgical suture-tying skills to the test, we wisely connected with Heather of EverydayGraces, who created these rustic beauties:

tidings 5

tidings 6

I like the fact that the money is going, for the most part (that I know of), directly to the craftsperson.  And you can develop a sort of rapport with the artist, which makes everything feel a little more personal.

Below is a sliver of our home explosion of merriment, mixed in with all things baby.  I can’t help but laugh that even our dining room cannot escape, as it is the place we park our BOB stroller, our carseat, and our apocolapse-size Purell dispenser.  Our dining room table has also become our work space, since I can set the babe on the floor of the living room for a few moments before she goes ballistic on me.  Our life looks so different from six months ago.

tidings 7