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pleasure in small victories

23 May

Yesterday was my first shift in the ED.  I performed an ultrasound-guided peripheral IV cannulation with an 18-gauge needle (for the record, that’s pretty thick…thickness increases as the number decreases) on a man with disseminated intravascular coagulation (this is not a condition you want to have; it makes you bleed a lot…so it’s a little scary for the person prodding you with needles).  We use ultrasound to guide IV access in patients who tend to be pretty sick, either in shock or have a disease process that will make access to their veins tricky.  It’s not brain surgery, but it requires some coordination–if you’ve seen me walk (heaven help you if you’ve seen me attempt a dance), you know that coordination is not my forte, so you can imagine my relief/exhilaration at having pulled this off!