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11 May

I would say the cause is 60% week of 16-hour night float shifts on trauma surgery (where all the shit hits the fan), 30% 17-week fetus wreaking havoc on previously healthy 20-something body, and 10% boring old venous insufficiency.

I recently told John that I didn’t think I was not going to be one of those gorgeous pregnant women who spent their 40 weeks “glowing”–and I know they exist.  Heidi Klum, for example.  She looked pretty fantastic hosting Project Runway at nine months.  Well, comparing myself to Heidi Klum is a recipe for depression on all accounts but, still, I doubt she ever rocked the ankles-the-size-of-her-neck look.

To conclude positively, if this is part of the price of a healthy fetus, of course I’m happy with my 1+ pitting edema.  Now I just need to find socks that don’t cut off circulation.