the crackpots and these women, music and microbiology

14 Dec

One of my favorite West Wing moments.

Feeling a tad overwhelmed at the moment.  Between memorizing the branches, paths, and functions of the cranial nerves and the millions of bugs that are sure to kill us all, I fear I won’t have a chance to update very much until the end of exams, which saddens me particularly because there’s a ton about which I would love to write.  For instance, in my attempt to get caught up in microbio, I’m reading this stack of notes that is turning out to be a page-turner, a real-life horror story.  In middle school, I went through a Stephen King phase, but somehow tales of a car or hotel with a gruesome mind of its own don’t freak me out as much as the bacteria and virus that are becoming progressively more drug-resistant.

Check out Josh’s take above…I don’t know, Josh, I only have a vague idea of the pathogens out there, and I think you might want to reconsider hanging on to that card.


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