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happy belated thanksgiving, indeed!

1 Dec

Today the lovely large black woman who hands out scrubs at HUP gave me, not one, but two pairs of scrubs for anatomy lab.  And she didn’t look at me like I was so totally high maintenance when I specified “small top, medium bottom” (to accommodate my Tuscany-mandated expanded derriere)…not that I don’t feel high maintenance anyway, like one of those customers at coffee shops who rolls her eyes and sighs, “Okay, I just want one tall, soy latte with a splash of water, two and a half pumps of sugarfree vanilla syrup, and a small dolup of whipped cream.”  Nope, she just said, “Sure thing, baby-girl.”  She calls me baby-girl.  This rainy Wednesday is looking up already.


oh wikipedia

1 Dec

Truly, you’ve outdone yourself.