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1 Jun

In October, a residency interviewer asked me if I planned to continue this blog during residency.  Without hesitancy, I said “no.”  My confidence surprised me, and it felt like, in that moment, I made the decision with my response.

I have been dragging my feet trying to write this post, in part because we have been knee-deep in buying a house and moving down to Central Virginia (poor Ari: “What happened?  Where all the toys?!  No bed?  Animals?  All coming?  Evie comes too?”), but mostly because I don’t know how to end it.  Nearly five years and 650 posts–this blog has been a tremendous part of my life.  It achieved the primary goal of helping me appreciate med school for its own sake and not merely as a means to an end, but it also helped me connect with people (old friends, family, new acquaintances, even fellow colleagues), improve my confidence as a mother and physician-in-training, and start to develop (for me) a new style of writing and communication.  The thought of being without this outlet feels strange and scary.


But ending feels like the right decision.  For one, I’m no longer Anna in Med School (I know, total cop out…not a compelling reason).  More importantly, the thought of my blog simply petering out under the time constraints and stresses of residency (and raising a family during residency) while trying to maintain HIPAA compliance is depressing, and I’d rather rip the bandaid off (and add a few trite medical analogies in the process 🙂 ).  Mostly, however, I’m excited for what this next chapter might bring, and I’d like to make space for a new opportunity or two (writing or otherwise) without feeling like other parts of my life are being shortchanged.

John and I have been tempted to start a family blog–mostly an excuse to post an obnoxious amount of pictures of babies toddlers and maybe share a story to two of recent excursions (or mundane crap that we find hilarious during sleep-deprived moments).  Will let you know if we take the plunge!

11046870_10101991423872406_5720847393714928230_o 11016108_10101981152057206_7706614226664243467_n (2)For now, thank you for sharing med school with me.  It has been my sincere pleasure and honor.

FullSizeRender (87)Evie's 1st Birthday -24with love and gratitude,

anna (with john, ari, & evie)