24 Dec

John’s working the overnight.  We are in Virginia with family, and he jetted up to Delaware for the shift tonight, then he’ll return in the morning and sleep most of the day.

I tore the kids away from a Christmas Eve dinner at my dad’s new (beautiful) home after they were starting to unravel.  Ari, who revels in choices (one zippy [a.k.a. jacket zipper] or two; shoes or hat on first), decided that she wanted her pants off first and, though she was excited about the prospect of them, finally opted against her footie pajamas, and so went off to the car in nothing more than a shirt and diaper.  We read The Polar Express and Brave Irene, sang our song, and got tucked with two blankets (always, always two).  Evie literally passed out the second the ignition turned on, though the transfer to crib was not as smooth.  I ate an apple with pecorino while watching Remember the Titans and scanning facebook.

There have been many moments recently I wish my kids could remember, though of course they won’t.  But I’m glad they won’t remember our absences for these holidays.  50/50 chance I’ll be working Christmas next year.  In the coming years I see us learning how to cultivate an attitude that celebrating on a given day isn’t critical.  And also hoping John and I can rack up as many Christmas/Thanksgiving/July 4th/etc. shifts sooner while their memories are still short.


At Mount Vernon:

IMG_7490 IMG_7498 IMG_7501

Just, oh, wherever:

IMG_7218 IMG_7220 IMG_7224

The National Museum of the American Indian:IMG_7466 IMG_7474



Merry Christmas!!


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