25 Nov


“Tiger!  ROOOOAR!”

10623620_10101513223195387_2170462541438635596_o 10623355_10101513223205367_5987537539653218534_o10547816_10101512965157497_7587558095837284574_oHer love of tigers might rival that of my mother’s, which inspired my dad to have a three-week-old tiger cub pay my mom a visit in our home on one of her last birthdays.

“GÖT!  Poo-poo!”  We also watched goats defecate.  Hard to say which event was more fascinating to our young mind.

photo 1

photo 2IMG_3342 IMG_3345

After the zoo, “Neville” (the tiger lovey) didn’t leave her side.  Yes, he is carpooling with Elmo and Ernie in a lawn mower.  There is no other way to travel.

photo 1 (1)  photo 2 (1)

She’s been tucked away in a covered carseat for most pictures recently, so I wanted to share some evidence that our enthusiastic eater is growing and thriving.

photo 3 photo 4Thanks so much Emilia and Ellen for braving both wind and tantrums to join us this weekend!



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