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oh my love(s)

14 Feb

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Ten years ago, I dragged this guy I had been dating for a couple months to my tri-choral formal (it’s a cool as it sounds).  I wore my old prom dress.  We double dated (with friends who ended up being in our wedding) to the local schnitzel house beforehand.  And we didn’t notice when the photographer captured a few tender moments on the dance floor.

I just knew we’d made good-looking babies!  (Kidding, kidding… 😉 )


I’ll try to get more consistent with posts soon.  I’m on my sub-internship (pretend residency), and last week was pretty rough on me (more later…stories of pathetic/comical tears included), but I think I’m on the upswing.  Last night I was super late coming home after admitting a complex kid, but today I was home early enough to see my daughter’s face pressed up against the windowpane, smiling as I approached our front door.  It’s the best!

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Happy Valentine’s!