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506 left

6 Dec

The q-bank is not as sexy as it sounds.  I’ve blundered my way through about 1712 practice questions this round, with the rest to complete in the next five days, though I don’t have high hopes for work over the weekend (my daughter is pretty great at self-play, but not so great that I can completely ignore her to focus on timed questions–I’m thankful for that!).  This is the reason I haven’t been writing.  The bulk of my recent days is not that bleak, just dull.  It’s a kind of boredom that very few things other than hour upon hour of practice questions can achieve.  No one wants to read about that!  But the end is so close, and I am having a hard time believing that this will be my last test of med school (assuming/hoping I pass)!!

This week has not been without it’s triumphs.  My daughter isn’t walking yet, and to be honest, I’ve been apathetic about it.  It’s just not a milestone that I’ve gotten psyched about.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d like her to walk eventually and will definitely have her evaluated if she’s not comfortable trotting on two feet by 18 months, but we’re cool with the current state of things.  But then this week she started really standing on her own, unsupported, without anything other than her core strength getting her from downward dog to mountain pose.  And I find myself getting excited.  Just in time for her to reach up and smash Christmas ornaments, too.

Instead of her usual hands-and-knees crawl, she’s now bear-crawling (walking on hands and feet) at a dead sprint–awkward, fast, and adorable!

Here’s a sweet moment from this evening.  It’s so difficult to get them on film these days because she definitely has a sense for when the camera’s on her.  But this time I had a reproducible sound that had her in stitches.