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10 Jan

We took a flying trip to Charlottesville right before Christmas.  We spent as much time as we could (never enough) with people we love, ate our way through some of favorite restaurants, visited old stomping grounds, and even had our first date post-baby, thanks to our friend Alaina, a pediatrician–okay, seriously, our first babysitter was an attending pediatrician!  Who does that??!  We also swung by Barboursville Vineyards, where we were married almost three and a half years ago.  This visit prompted us to start testing out her tastebuds (I know, I know, no solids until 5-6 months, and no alcohol for another couple years).

Wine: puts her to sleep.


Beer: less interesting than the ceiling fan.


Fro-yo: mmm…have we found a decent substitute for mama’s milk?


Yaya Megan: cannot get enough!

megan 1megan 2