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body image

23 Jul

I wonder if most pregnant women share this sentiment, but I feel strangely more self-conscious, bordering on insecure, now than I ever have before.  It’s the one time when it’s not only okay but encouraged to gain weight but, surrounded by annoyingly/inspiringly buffed-out mamas at my local suburban yoga studio, women who run marathons and deliver babies on the same day, and the latest spanx craze, I admit I still blush and don’t know quite how to respond when I get the almost daily “You’re HUGE!” or “You’re TINY!” comment–I think both are meant as compliments?  Or maybe just different interpretations of the obvious…

So, as I am settling into the third trimester, I asked John to take a few snapshots during a moment of comfort with my figure.  I had just returned from a yoga class and, though legs and arms were shaking, felt stronger and more capable than I had in several weeks.  (I’ve been feeling a little discouraged since what I think was likely my last run during pregnancy.  Supposedly it’s fairly common, but I think my rectus muscles are starting to separate and, despite various techniques to support the belly, running is no longer pleasant.)