countdown to clerkships: the schedule

6 Nov

During this weekend’s mini-vacation, a number of friends and family have asked me when I start on the wards.  “Oh, just a little over two months,” has been my standard response.  Imagine my shock when I looked at my calendar this morning and realized we had passed the two month mark.  58 days and counting!

And I am pumped (and terrified) about my schedule.  Here’s what:

January 3-March 23: INTERNAL MEDICINE (good God.)
March 26-June 15: SURGERY (have I lost what’s left of my mind?)
July 23-August 10: NEUROLOGY (seeing some daylight this summer?)
August 13-September 21: PSYCHIATRY (weekends!)
September 24-November 2: PEDIATRICS (love and fright.)
November 5-December 14: OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY (holiday babies!)

This order was in my top four (we submitted our order preference about a month ago…1 to 48!), so I’m stoked, or course.  Although, as soon as it flashed before my eyes on Oasis, my first thought was, “What the hell have I done to myself??!”  The first six months of 2012 should be, well, an adventure…a scary, exhausting, but completely exhilarating one!  Wish me luck!

26 more days of lectures.  Two more exams of Mod 2.


2 Responses to “countdown to clerkships: the schedule”

  1. Jon November 6, 2011 at 9:01 am #

    Wooo! On medicine at the same time. See you there to kick the year off right 🙂

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