crazy happy/tired

25 May

I’m exhausted…in the very best way.  I might not have known repro and endo as well as I would have liked but, if I could relive the last five weeks, I would make the same decisions.  Every weekend of this block was something to which to look forward.  I had a wonderful weekend visitor (who just finished post-bac and the MCAT–double woot!) for weekend one, took my second mediation intensive with the bioethics department over the following two weekends (and didn’t feel like I was completely flailing–just moderately so–this time around), sang in eight sold-out concerts with the Philadelphia Orchestra for the last two, and had weekend study retreat with Eric (I didn’t cry once…that has to be a first for the weekend before exams, right?), only leaving the apartment to throw on my black old maid’s garb and sing a few tunes.

Well, I was going to go on about some of the details of this block (like learning how to perform manual vacuum aspiration on a papaya), but I think paragraph one already has me coming off as somewhat of a pompous ass.  Forgive me, I don’t care enough to infuse a demure tone into it.  I’m just ecstatic that everything worked out.

In another post, I’ll share some of the more challenging aspects of the last block (they’re interesting too, I promise!), but I’m still in celebration mode.  I got to see John for the first time in over a month after completing five hours worth of sorting through terrifying endocrine conditions and identifying different presentations of pelvic inflammatory disease (seriously, could someone open me up just to make sure I’m not covered with gross adhesions?–I’m mildly terrified).  And I was able to coerce Matt into another visit–for a night, it felt like it did when we all lived in the same city.  Last night was my last concert, made so much more special knowing that Christina and Kate were somewhere in the masses and Eric, after a 2.5-hour failed attempt to secure a student rush ticket, was watching the first movement from a monitor in the lobby–such thoughtful friends there are at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.  At least it’s a pleasant lobby:

As Matt was leaving town this afternoon, before I retreated back to biomed for my failed attempt to catch up on GI, I hugged him goodbye three times…during the last of which I said, “Please keep hugging.”  95% of the sentiment was because he’s a dear friend and I hate living in separate cities.  5% was due to the fact that I am. really. tired.  It’s mildly uncomfortable to expand my rib cage to breathe.  And it was really nice to rest some of the weight of my body on a good friend.  Sorry, Matt; don’t hate me for using you.

Less than four weeks left of my first year of med school and until John’s graduation from residency!!!  I miss my husband.

I’m going to sleep, still three lectures behind.


2 Responses to “crazy happy/tired”

  1. Kristen May 25, 2011 at 11:47 pm #

    Completely and utterly amazed by you, lady. You are crazy. And a total inspiration. xoxo

    • annaojesus May 25, 2011 at 11:52 pm #

      Kristen!!! You are so one to talk, Ms. I-just-pack-up-and-move-to-China-to-be-a-professor-then-go-straight-on-to-NYC-for-my-masters-at-Columbia…oh, and my Chinese name means “the Voice of an Angel.” Sorry, too much? I just love you a lot, that’s all.

      Are you in NYC this summer? I need to actually plan a trip for real! Sorry I’ve been such a poor traveler of late!

      Miss you! Thank you for your sweet comment!

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