condiment swiper

29 Nov

It’s official.  I’ve become my grandmother.  Although, instead of stealing sugar packets, I mainly stick to Splenda.

Today I reached a new low.  Four and a half days of gluttony in Tuscany came at a price, measured in both euros and waist circumference, so I’m going to try a little harder to take advantage of free lunches when I can.  I still don’t feel comfortable going to meetings in which I don’t have an interest just for the free food (there’s definitely a possibility that might change), but I was lucky that today was a talk hosted by the Bioethics Interest Group discussing the ethics of hospice referrals (could it be more up my alley?).  Free Indian food from Tandoor.  And then–this almost never happens–there was free Mexican left over from the Physician Advocacy and Social Medicine Seminar this evening.  TWO free meals…made me feel a little less guilty about the exorbitant cost of buying sparkling water at Au Bon Pain today (I know, I know, I caved!).  When all was left of the Mexican fare was chopped onions, cilantro, and lime slices, I asked Atu whether I should go ahead and throw the rest out.  “Nah, leave them for a little while.  Who knows, someone might want to take them home as condiments.”

Hunh.  Not a terrible idea at all…and I don’t mind if I do.  So now my gym clothes smell vaguely of onions and cilantro (hey, it’s better than formaldehyde, right?), but my fridge is stocked with fresh seasonings.  Not bad, Anna, not bad.


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