back shortly

20 Nov

Dear readers:

I have not forgotten about this little project. My Internet has been down for the last couple days, though I can’t really complain since I’ve been swiping it from a neighbor. Topics for tomorrow:

–follow-up on playing dress-up in anatomy lab

–have I mentioned that I am taking a bioethics class?

–a visit from the lovely ladies Herrmann

–Lauren’s 30!!!

–why Planet Earth is the best study break ever…oh, if only I could use it’s music as the soundtrack for my life…

–study buddy Jon, and his nice and tall wife Jamie


One Response to “back shortly”

  1. RM November 21, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

    bioethics… that’s where you discuss things like whether it’s justified for bacteria to steal iron from other cells, and if apoptotic cells can go to heaven, right? 🙂

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