2nd floor pottruck

10 Nov

I did it.  I spent–oh–at least 25-30 minutes on the 2nd floor of Pottruck, the main gym at UPenn, this evening.  It’s the weight-lifting floor.  No girls allowed.

In all seriousness, I have never seen a girl on this floor.  Except today, just as I was leaving.  I swear she decided it was safe only after I broke the mold.  I give myself far too much, completely unnecessary credit.  Please note that this post thus far is dripping in sarcasm.

I learned two things:

a) My biceps brachii, brachiali, and brachioradiali are in terrible condition.  I am as weak as a limp noodle.

2) The gym plays Christmas music on the second floor.  Kids’ sing-a-long type Christmas music (“Rudolf” and the like).  Meanwhile, pump up rock is being played on the other three floors.  Why this discrepancy, I have no idea.  Is there a new theory suggesting that forced exposure to carols can benefit the burly gym rats in our community?


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