totally creepy or just overly concerned old guy

3 Nov

As I was leaving the library tonight, I felt this older gentleman looking at me.  We made eye contact three times.  Okay, if we were in a dark alley, I would be a little freaked, but we were in the middle of Penn campus, and tons of students were milling around, so my thoughts quickly shifted to, “Okay, do I have my skirt tucked into my underwear or something?”  A quick body scan revealed that this was not the case.

I approached him: “Can I help you with something?”

In a thick Eastern European accent, he replied, “I am looking for your blinking light?  How do you ride home–” pointing to my bike in hand–“without a light that blinks?”

Fair point.  John would be pleased.

Before I had time to reply, he went on, furrowing his brow, “Then again, you are quite tall.”  Not entirely sure how that will be of much help when I lack a “light that blinks,” but I’ll take any comparison to C.J. Cregg I can get, albeit a totally inadvertent one.

And then, “I take it you’re European?”

Ummmm, not a bit.  Thanks, weird old guy.  I made it home safely.


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