snapshots from the weekend

1 Nov

Three fabulous weekends in a row!  Negative amounts of work.  Pass/Fail first semester; ’nuff said.

Unfortunately, due to my horrible pattern of procrastination, I need to get on this immunology problem set that’s due tomorrow and then get some sleep, but I wanted to at least post a few pictures from an incredible weekend, and hopefully write a bit more on the adventures later.

And, in addition, HUGE thanks to Sara–a new friend who I look  forward to discovering more and more–and to Tiffany–an old friend with whom, as she put it, I can pick up exactly where we left off, year after year.  Sara and I went for what was the longest run I’ve ever enjoyed with another runner (as in, I almost always run solo) on this past crisp Saturday morning; it left me in the best runner’s high I’ve been in for a long time.  Tiffany visited me from Virginia.  She’s been among my closest friends for the past fourteen years (can you believe it?); we are truly kindred spirits, and she is so good at challenging my philosophies, supporting my passions, sharing her love of life, profession, and spirituality, and bringing out the silliness.

I think I have a talent for being sappy…has it been getting worse in medical school?

In front of my favorite neighborhood mews (note all the doorbells):

Introducing Tiffany to Chapterhouse, complete with requisite picture of friend sipping hot beverage:

The Headhouse Farmers’ Market!

For some reason, this picture makes me want to read “When I’m an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple.”


2 Responses to “snapshots from the weekend”

  1. Catherine November 2, 2010 at 9:48 pm #

    Friends that you can pick up with wherever you left off are the best. Sounds like a fabulously fun weekend!

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